Morgan  & Mason  at Morgan storage in Manchester NH
Brenda Visited 2 brother's we sold as Pups now mature & at work.
All our Dogs are AKC registered.
*  We  follow The American Kennel Club Rules for record Keeping and Identification. And Proud to say we are an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit.

Shelby was out of our first litter
Shelby & my son Kenny
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Pictures of pups we have sold Click Below.
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This site is for the purpose of showing the time, concern and devotion it takes to properly represent the Labrador Retriever,
as well as the pride and love that we have for all of the dogs and puppies at Integrity Labradors. We do not represent, nor do
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Ways to find us again..........tip: use lower case letters. no caps . no spaces.
                  We are located in Southern New Hampshire.....
These  seem to be the easiest ways people use to find us again: Web site ;
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at Integrity Labradors Retrievers / Integrity Farm We take PRIDE in our dogs, their litters and also in our facilities. We hope that after visiting our site, and You Tube Videos, you will feel like you know something about us and are comfortable working with us. Enjoy our web site. This  is a very large web site with lots of information I have been working and adding to it for a lots of years now. So please take your time and read threw it all. lots and lots of pages. If you have questions don't be afraid to call and ask. I have removed some information and it is in my puppy packets. To read more information to get you started click of this line.
Ken, Brenda & Kenny LaRoche    At Integrity Farm
70 Drew Road. Derry , N.H. 
We are Southern New Hampshire --USA
( 603 ) - 432 - 0811    E-Mail:
Lady & my son Kenny
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Ken & Brenda LaRoche--Integrity Farm-- Derry NH--603-432-0811
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**Below is the website for the Dog Allergy Shampoo and Allerpet (the rub on dander reducer).
I recommend the Purina Pro Plan brand PET FOOD because of itís high performance nutrition and it is scientifically formulated to help support a strong immune system, build strong muscles and promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat. For more information go to Note:  I understand you will see Purina dog foods in the Supermarket Different formulas but you may think it is Purina so it is the same. It is not, it is a different formula. Please use the  Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice formula for my pups...
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Learn the parts of your dog , So if you ever call a vet or ask for help people know what you talking about.
someone sent me this & said it was great .I have never personaly used it or known any family members that have but I figured it wouldn't hert to share the information with you. Please use your own digression., click this paragraph for more info.
National Allergy Supply, Inc.
1620-D Satellite Blvd
Duluth, GA  30097
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